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How is your service different than my DSL or cable that my office is currently getting?

Celerity Telecom designed its network and Internet Services around Business needs. That is why our internet service speeds are symmetrical, meaning your upload speed is as fast as your download speed. Why is this important? Well, as businesses send larger files and use cloud services such as cloud storage and backup services, being able to send those files and data more quickly becomes critical. Faster upload speeds also means that Businesses can host their servers in house while still allowing their customers to get the information they want quickly and reliably. 


How does the faster upload speeds help my employees who VPN into the network?

When an employee is on the road or at home and needs to access internal resources like shared drives, they will typically VPN in. This is when your Internet Service upload speed becomes your employee’s download speed. A fast upload speed at the office means your employees are able to access the data they need faster on the road or at home, making them more productive wherever they work from. 


How is your service delivered? 

Celerity Telecom delivers its services using the latest Fixed Wireless technology from leading equipment manufacturers such as Ubiquiti, Cambium, Siklu and Telrad. 


How reliable is your service? 

Celerity Telecom provides a 99.9% uptime SLA for all of its business internet services. Our wireless delivery network is among the most reliable delivery technologies available and is not susceptible to cable cuts or other damage that wireline technologies such as DSL, Cable or Fiber. A damaged or cut cable can take several days or even weeks to repair. 


What is required at my end to get your service? 

Celerity Telecom will install a small radio usually on the roof or on the side of your building facing our closest base station. A small diameter data cable is then run into your wiring closet and plugs into a small PoE (Power over Ethernet) device that sends power to the outdoor radio and data to your router. 


How many PCs or devices can I have on my network with your service? 

There really is no limit on how many devices you have withing your network as long as your router can support them. In a typically small office with 5 users, we recommend our Connect 10 package. In offices with 5-10 users, we recommend our 

Connect 20 service. If your office has more than 10 users, the Connect 30 or 50 package would be the best choice. Please keep in mind that these are typical recommendations and the actual usage patterns of your employees will dictate the best package you should subscribe to. 


Do I need any wireline service such as DSL, Fiber or Cable Modem service? 

No, our service is delivered using wireless technology therefore a traditional wireline service 

such as DSL, cable modem or Fiber is not required.


How many IP addresses do I get with my service? 

All Business packages come with 1 static IP address. Additional IP address can be purchased, call for more details. 


Do you provide email service?

No, with the numerous free and fee based hosted email services from providers such as Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, Godaddy and many others, Celerity Telecom decided to focus its efforts on providing fast and reliable internet. Not having to manage and maintain expensive servers, spam filters and other services associated with providing email services, Celerity Telecom can keep its operating costs low and pass those savings on to our customers.

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